Private Legal Services

Family home

  • full conveyancing service
  • transferring ownership to spouse
  • buying from co-owner
  • leasehold enfranchisement

Wills & Probate

  • drafting/amending your Will
  • appointing executors
  • minimising Inheritance tax
  • estate administration
  • intestacy matters
  • varying a Will

Safeguarding family assets

  • lifetime gifts
  • setting up/managing a trust
  • passing on shares/your business
  • Powers of Attorney

Many commercial clients also ask us to look after the legal aspects of their family and private lives. Other private clients have few or no business interests. We tailor advice to your needs.

By preparing a Will and devising a financial strategy,  we can protect your family and business assets. We will agree your priorities and identify the best course of action to provide,  for example,  security for your retirement and ensure your assets pass to your dependants and heirs quickly,  with the minimum tax liability.