Julian Bloom LLB

I provide practical and high quality services regarding clients’ business,  private and family transactions.

I handle every aspect of each client’s work,  supported by able outside assistance from time to time. In this way,  I can provide a level of service not found in larger firms and personally ensure that

  • prompt action is taken and deadlines are met,
  • benefits and risks are discussed and assessed,
  • recommendations are clear and unambiguous,
  • you receive regular progress reports,
  • business and private requirements are integrated,
  • costs are controlled tightly.

I qualified as a solicitor in 1973 with a firm in central London. In 1974,  I moved to a practice in the London suburbs and in 2000 to Bushey.

I have the experience and resources to advise on and administer complex transactions, managing the contribution of other professional advisers when this is necessary. I give the same level of attention to every case,  no matter what the size.

Making contact:  problems can arise at any time, so please telephone me when you think that you may require legal advice. Early action often resolves a problem to your advantage.

Meetings:  I am happy to arrange meetings in my office,  at your place of work (or that of another professional adviser) or your home.